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The Logamatic is available in black.

Forever. The settings are stored on the Logamatic TC100 itself. When the thermostat is reconnected, it will connect to the Buderus internet server and retrieve the correct time and date.

The MyMode app is only compatible with Logamatic TC100.2, the 2nd generation.

If in doubt, check the nameplate on the back of the controller or on the packaging for the designation ".2".

The first generation Logamatic TC100 (without ".2" in the name) will continue to be operated with the "Buderus EasyMode" app.

In the event of a power cut:

  • The Logamatic TC100 does not have power and the heating appliance is switched off.
  • The Logamatic TC100 remembers last set settings.
  • As soon as the power returns, the thermostat reboots, the current time is retrieved from the internet server and the appliance restarts according to the clock program.

No, automatic updates cannot be switched off. The thermostat automatically checks for updates on the server, which install automatically. The thermostat stays up-to-date so you can benefit from any product improvements.

No, the Logamatic TC100 is sold including the free MyMode. The app contains all the features you need and is available can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

Yes, you can. Simply update the location in the app. You can also return the Logamatic TC100 to factory settings by pressing the thermostat’s reset button with a paper clip, but you will lose your current clock program. For more information, see the user manual.

For reference, it is highly recommended that you use a calibrated thermometer. Your installer can assist you with this. If necessary, you can calibrate the Logamatic TC100 in the app.

Applications & Operations

Please refer to your appliance manual or contact your installer to confirm whether it supports thermal disinfection. If this feature is available, the Logamatic TC100 will show this in the app (in the hot water settings menu).

Yes, the Logamatic TC100 is a modulating thermostat. Modulating appliances with modulating thermostats regulate the temperature more efficiently than other heating systems. Please note: if the Logamatic TC100 is connected to an on/off appliance via the Logamatic TC100 Adapter, the heating system will not modulate.

In conjunction with the adapter you can also control on-off appliances. Thereby district heating (on-off) appliances are supported too.

No, Logamatic TC100 connects via Wi-Fi only meaning a wireless network is necessary.

  • The Logamatic TC100 is compatible with Buderus EMS 2-wire heating bus.
  • With an adapter, the Logamatic TC100 is also compatible with appliances that use the OpenTherm protocol and appliances with an On/Off interface (between 18-230Vac).

The Logamatic TC100 supports the following type of appliances:

  • Buderus Heaters (EMS units)
  • Buderus Heaters (iRT units)

Also, when installed with the adapter:

please note: extra power socket needed):

  • OpenTherm appliances (Buderus and other Brands)
  • On-off appliances (Buderus and other Brands)
  • District heating (on-off) appliances

Please note:
The functions supported by the Logamatic TC100 can vary depending on the appliance connected. For more information on the features supported please check our FAQs

Not yet. The Logamatic TC100 will provide an open interface to Smart Home systems. This interface shall be available later.

You may have an older Buderus boiler. In this case you will need an additional adapter. An RCC communication module may have been installed in the boiler in the past so that it can be connected to the thermostat. The Logamatic TC100 is not compatible with this module; it must be removed first

If the Logamatic TC100 is connected to a Buderus heater, you do not need a connection resistor. If you want to connect the Logamatic TC100 to an OpenTherm boiler, please refer to the installation instructions for this OpenTherm boiler

For now, the installation of the Logamatic TC100 requires a wired connection to the boiler.

Adapter from Buderus

By default, the Logamatic TC100 is suitable for Buderus boilers (EMS units). With the adapter, the Logamatic TC100 thermostat is also suitable for devices of other brands.


The thermostat’s touchscreen is only as big as the circle. If you touch the screen outside of the circle and then swipe into it, the thermostat will not detect the movement.

Motion Sensor & Display

No, this is not possible. The display turns on automatically if something or someone is within a 1 meter radius of the thermostat, and it switches off after 5 minutes if no movement has been detected.

The 'proximity detection' can be switched off in the ‘Settings – Thermostat’ menu. If there is a mirrored surface in front of the Logamatic TC100 the 'proximity detection' won’t work properly. If that is the case, switch off the 'proximity detection' function.

Please verify the settings in your app. It might be that proximity detection is turned off. This could also happen when the Logamatic TC100 is installed in front of mirrored surfaces. The settings of the proximity sensor can be changed in the MyMode.


Yes, when installed with an adapter the Logamatic TC100 can be connected to OpenTherm appliances.


The lowest temperature you can set is 5 °C. Your Buderus appliance is also equipped with frost protection.

The outdoor temperature is retrieved from the internet. Your location is defined when you set up the MyMode during the on-boarding wizard. These coordinates are used to define your local outdoor temperature. The outdoor temperature is used for Weather-Dependent Control. It can also be shown in the Heating Settings menu.

Depending on the appliance type, this information might not be available for the Logamtaic TC100 to display.

The MyMode supports several languages. Change the language settings on your smartphone in order to use the app in a different language.

Weather- Dependent Control

Yes, it does work with an EMS outdoor sensor. If the EMS outdoor sensor is present and connected, its values are used. If no outdoor sensor is connected, the Logamatic TC100 uses the local outdoor temperature taken from the internet.

Yes and it is very easy to set it up as there is no need to install an external temperature sensor. The Logamatic TC100 will retrieve the outdoor temperature from an internet service and the weather-dependent settings can be easily adjusted in the Mymode App in the Heating Settings menu.

Please note
The installation must be suitable for Weather-Dependent Control. Radiators should be equipped with the Logamatic TC100 Smart Radiator Thermostats.

Yes, it does work with an EMS outdoor sensor. If the EMS outdoor sensor is present and connected, its values are used. If no outdoor sensor is connected, the Logamatic TC100 uses the local outdoor temperature taken from the internet.

No. A Weather-Dependent Control program provides a greater level of comfort to the user. In this program, the outdoor temperature determines the supply temperature. If you choose, all the rooms in the house will be heated. A room control program heats the reference room based on the temperature of that room. That is usually more economical.

Using Weather-Dependent Control within a system with Smart Radiator Thermostats heats rooms more efficiently because you can define an individual clock program for each room so they will be heated only when the rooms are in use.

The Weather Dependent Control settings can be changed in the Heating Setting menu in the MyMode.

The fireplace function ensures that, when using the fireplace, rooms other than the reference room can be heated. When you use the fireplace, turn on the fireplace function in the app. The room control program then temporarily switches to weather-dependent control, providing the outside temperature from the internet if no outdoor sensor is connected. The fireplace function uses a default supply temperature. If it turns out that not all rooms are at the desired temperature, consult your installer.

You can choose between 4 options: 0, 1, 2, 3

  • None (0)
  • Low (1)
  • Medium (2)
  • High (3)

This is best shown with an example; the heating curve is set to:

  • Heating type: Radiators
  • Start point curve: 25 °C
  • End point curve: 80 °C
  • Room influence: High (3 °C)

The following switching point is programmed/active in the clock program; Get up at 7:00 a.m. = 20 °C.

Let's say the Logamatic TC100 is measuring 16 °C that morning, the heating curve is then shifted upwards in parallel. This shift is calculated as follows:

  • (Setpoint clock program = measured room temperature) x room influence (20 °C – 16 °C) x 3 °C = +12 °C (supply water temperature).

As the measured room temperature rises, the parallel shift will decrease. Once the measured room temperature has reached 20 °C, the heating curve will no longer be shifted in parallel because: (20 °C – 20 °C) x 3 °C = 0.


The temperature measurement of the Logamatic TC100 can be calibrated in the MyMode settings. The value can then be adjusted up or down. You can change the displayed temperature by increasing or decreasing the temperature in the app by up to 2 °C in 0.5 °C increments.

Clock Programme

Your mobile device is connected to your router via Wi-Fi. If the server connection is interrupted, the Logamatic TC100 will use the time specified on your mobile device. Open the MyMode. The time programme will continue to work properly.

The Logamatic TC100 has a standard time programme. After resetting the factory settings, the standard time programme is active again. You can then adapt it to your requirements in the MyMode.

Time programme/Warmwater (WW)

No, the hot water temperature can only be set on your Buderus boiler. You can find out how this works in the operating manual for your boiler.

Yes, appliances with automatic water heating provide warm water in the middle of the night. In this way, the heater saves energy. If the tap is turned on, it takes a little longer for hot water to arrive, as the heating function is switched off in ECO mode. So you get hot water at night, but have to wait a little longer for it.

The hot water automatic mode heats the water according to the hot water time program. A maximum of four switching points for hot water can be defined for each day.

Optimal Start/ Self Learning

Yes, no problem. "Optimum start" is enabled by default. The function ensures that the desired temperature is reached at the time specified in the time program. If desired, you can deactivate this function.

Menu - Time control - Heating - Optimum start in the MyMode.

  • Does not work: "Optimum start" is active by default. You can switch this function on and off: Menu - Time control - Heating - Optimum start in the MyMode.
  • Does not work well: Contact your installer to check whether your system is correctly configured on the hot water side.
  • The Logamatic TC100 has just been installed. The thermostat has yet to learn the optimum start time.

Login Information

During initial commissioning, the first user defines the Logamatic TC100 password. If you forgot the password and cannot access the Logamatic TC100 through its app then the Logamatic TC100 must be reset (please note: all settings will be lost). Please read the manual on how to reset the MyMode.

The credentials are essential for gaining access to the Logamatic TC100 with a smart device. A sticker on the front cover of the quick reference guide contains the serial number and access code (alpha)numerical and in QR-code format. The (alpha)numerical credentials can also be found on the back side of the Logamatic TC100 thermostat. Fill in your credentials by using the QR-code scanner on the MyMode or type in your credentials manually.

Smartphone and Platform

  • Apple ≥ iOS 12.
  • Android ≥ 7.0.

Your Android smart device does not meet the minimum specifications.

If the smartphone is not protected, someone else can operate it if the ‘automatic login’ is activated in the MyMode. To prevent this, don’t use ‘Automatic login’. If you have lost your smartphone with limited protection, you can reset your thermostat password on another connected device. If only one smart device is used, you can set your Logamatic TC100 back to factory settings using a paper clip (see installation and operation manual).


Foreign Countries

Yes, it works without any problems.

Yes, but a number of technical and country-specific conditions must be met.

The MyMode defines the time zone based on the location of the thermostat. You can set a new time zone by changing your location.


No, it is not necessary for manual operation. For operation via your smart device, it is necessary. The reason for this is:

  • The installer installs a new appliance and connects Logamatic TC 100 to it. He or she can set the boiler to manual operation (without a Wi-Fi connection). The installation is now ready. Similar to other thermostats.
  • When you – as a user – come home in the evening, you can set the Logamatic TC100 up yourself:
    • Enter your network’s Wi-Fi code into the Logamatic TC100
    • Download the MyMode from the AppStore or Google Play.
    • The MyMode helps you to set up the product through the on boarding wizard
    • Enter your credentials into the MyMode by scanning the QR code on the sticker on the front cover of the quick reference guide.
    • Set your own password in the MyMode.

Logamatic TC100 is now ready for use!

Check the following summary or contact us

  • Have you entered your Logamatic TC100 serial number and access code correctly?
  • Have you entered your MyMode password correctly? The app reports if the incorrect password is used.
  • Is the Logamatic TC100 connected to the Wi-Fi network?
  • Is the Wi-Fi network connected to the internet?
  • Execute a soft reset: remove Logamatic TC100 from the black plate, wait 10 seconds and place it back again.
  • The router has an incorrect IP address assigned to Logamatic TC100. Log in to the router via e.g. and enter the username and password (these are on the router's sticker). Reset the router software. New IP addresses are assigned.

No, the Logamatic TC100 just keeps working. If there is no internet, there is also no internet time meaning the clock program could deviate in the long run without synchronisation. In that case, it’s wise to open the app on the smart device so the Logamatic TC100 can automatically adopt the time on the device

If your router's Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough to connect the Logamatic TC100, you can improve it with a Wi-Fi extender/repeater.


  • DHCP available and enabled
  • WEP-128, WPA or WPA2 encryption
  • SSID not hidden

Please note:
Some routers have the option of being switched off during block times (for example, at night). Of course, at those times there will be no connection with the Logamatic TC100.

Step 1: Remove the old router.

Step 2: Insert the new router and ensure 230 V supply.

Step 3: Execute a soft reset: remove Logamatic TC100 from the ground plate.

Step 4: Wait 10 seconds.

Step 5: Place the Logamatic TC100 back onto the ground plate.

Step 6: The display will then show:

  • √ - connected with your appliance
  • All Wi-Fi networks found are displayed.
    • Select the correct Wi-Fi network.
    • Press OK.
    • If the Wi-Fi network is password protected, enter the password.
    • Confirm password with OK.
    • √ - connected to Wi-Fi
  • √ - connected to Buderus XMPP-server

The Logamatic TC100 is ready to use

Some routers have a hide function. That makes them invisible. In order to connect to the router, the hide function must be temporarily disabled. The router name will then appear. Now you can select the Wi-Fi network. After the Wi-Fi connection is made, the hide function can be activated again

The MAC address is indicated on the sticker on the front of the quick reference guide. A MAC address is the address of Logamatic TC100 used in the TCP/IP protocol, which the Logamatic TC100 uses to communicate with the router and the server.

According to the standard guidelines, there are 2 characters that cannot be used in passwords, namely "$" and "!". There are routers on the market that do not comply with this directive. Therefore Logamatic TC100 deviates from the directive and supports "!" in passwords.

Tests have been performed with no problems.

The Logamatic TC100 cannot work with a frequency of 5 GHz. However, such routers usually offer the ability to work with the normal 2.4 GHz frequency as many Wi-Fi devices operate at 2.4 GHz.

The following may provide a solution:

  • Set the Wi-Fi channel to the least-used channel (download free ‘Wi-Fi Analyser’ app in Google Play to scan the area)
  • Deactivate hotspots
  • Enable DHCP
  • Select WPA2/PSK encryption
  • Make SSID visible
  • Add MAC address as trusted devices on the router
  • Open port 5222 and 5223. If you have a smartphone that connects to the same Wi-Fi network and you can send WhatsApp messages, these ports will be open and cannot be the cause of the problem.
  • Shut down the router for at least 5 minutes for a reset
  • Reset the router and set it back to factory settings
  • Unlock ICMP protocol with UBEE Ziggo routers? Contact our Customer Service if UBEE Ziggo router is causing connection problems with Logamatic TC100.
  • Open port 5580

Channels 1, 6, or 11 are the best Wi-Fi channels because they do not overlap if there are multiple wireless networks. In that case, choose the channel that is used the least for the strongest connection. We receive positive feedback from users who have changed their Wi-Fi channel. Usually they are automatically set to 1 or 13. Often it's worth changing it to 5 or 6, which will make your entire network faster and more stable.

You can try the following:

  • Set the Wi-Fi channel to a free channel between 1-11 (Logamatic TC100 does not recognize channels higher than 11) (Some boxes such as the Xperia Box go beyond 11 channels);
  • Select WPA2/PSK password encryption;
  • Select 802.11 b/g/n at 2.4 GHz;
  • If this does not give the desired result, reset the router to factory settings to reset the values above

Privacy General

One advantage of the Logamatic TC100 is that data is not stored on the cloud. Everything is stored on the Logamatic TC100 thermostat itself. If you remove your Logamatic TC100 from its ground plate, you have your data in your hand. You and your fellow users are the owners of your boiler data. When you use extra services (e.g. Buderus HomeCom Pro, IFTTT, Amazon Alexa / Echo) you share information with Third Parties.

Through the MyMode, you can allow your installer to view the data on your thermostat for a set period of time and, if necessary, change the settings. You can end your installer's access immediately at any time.

Everyone is able to change the settings on the thermostat. The MyMode displays all current thermostat settings.

The Logamatic TC100 stores all data locally in the Logamatic TC100 itself.

Users create a Buderus account only once and register all Buderus products to that account. Additional services, like third party connections (e.g. IFTTT) can be used too.

Service & Support


The Logamatic TC100's electricity consumption (display out) is approximately 0.5 W.

Your boiler is no longer controlled and therefore the heating will not work. In the event of frost, there will be some heating because every Buderus boiler has frost protection. The frost protection switches the boiler on when the boiler water temperature of 7 °C and off at a boiler water temperature reaches 17 °C.

The stolen thermostat must be replaced.

You probably have the RCC module connected which was required with your previous thermostat.


  • Calibration
  • Not well balanced
  • Built-in radiators/curtains over it
  • Underfloor heating
  • Learning curve immediately after installation. The ‘optimum start’ still needs to be tuned. After the first week, large temperature differences will have been been averaged.

Possible causes:

  • Are the slots in the thermostat itself contaminated?
  • Is there an airflow through the junction box?
  • Is there any direct sunlight on the Logamatic TC100?
  • Are there any heat sources that affect the Logamatic TC100?
  • Is the Logamatic TC100 covered?

The boiler modulates. The device burns at low load and then achieves the highest efficiency. It's cheaper to let the device burn than start anew every time. If optimum start is active, the thermostat shows a flame symbol. The boiler is active for heating to reach the desired temperature as defined in the clock program

Yes, you can. You can increase ordecrease the temperature shown via the app by 2 °C in 0.5 °C increments.


The default warranty period is 2 years for manufacturing errors. Buderus gurantees the Logamatic TC100 will be delivered and comply with the usual requirements and standards

If the problem is caused by the Logamatic TC100 thermostat, the warranty will apply and the problem will be solved free of charge for you.

If the boiler is faulty, the problem will be solved, but you must pay for the repair in accordance with the warranty conditions on the warranty card, as the unit is more than 2 years old.

Support- eService

If my boiler has an error, the Logamatic TC100 can send an automatic email. To whom is the email sent and what’s included in it?

The email contains the following information (see template below):

Dear Company, Installer name

There appears to be a problem with my appliance:

Appliance type: Appliance type

Appliance status: Status of appliance including error and code/s

Appliance maintenance request: Depending on the above

Complaint description: Your description of the problem

Can you please contact me for an appointment?

Best regards,

This message is automatically generated and sent by the Logamatic TC100

Accessories-Smart Watch

Support of Smart Watches (iOS and Android) will be introduced at a later date.

IFTTT is a service you can gain access to via the internet as well as through the IFTTT app. A separate IFTTT (if this, then that) channel will be created. The feature will be released at a later date.

Amazon Echo is one of the most popular user-friendly digital assistants. The Logamatic TC100 will be able to connect to digital assistants at a later date.

Smart Radiator Thermostat - Electronic Thermostatic Radiator Valve (ETRV)

If you are using the Smart Radiator Thermostats from Buderus in combination with low-temperature radiators, you need to define a high set point so that the valves do not close at high room temperatures. The maximum set point for Buderus Smart Radiator Thermostats is 30°C.