Smart room control with the Logamatic TC100

Stylish, well-designed, functional.

Smart room control with the Logamatic TC100.

Is your heating system compatible with the Logamatic TC100 or do you need further accessories?

Find out here! (PDF 0.2 MB)

Ease with Style

Ease with Style

Slim, elegant and highly functional: The Logamatic TC100 is a true design masterpiece with its slimline casing and classy glass interface. The touchscreen can be operated easily and, most importantly, intuitively. Select the temperature you want, switch on the hot water – one swipe of a finger for every setting.

Enjoy even more features with the MyMode app: View your power consumption, set a customised time programme and control your heating the simple way, whenever and wherever you want.

Adapter for older and third-party systems

You need the adapter if you want to use the Logamatic TC100 together with an older heating unit. The adapter is available in two versions:

  • for modulating heating systems with OpenTherm-protocol
  • for on/off-appliances and district heating systems
  • for older heating appliances with iRT-protocol

Check the appliance’s installation instructions to check which communication protocol your heating appliance uses.

Any location with the table stand

There's no need to mount the Logamatic TC100 on your wall. Simply use the table stand and you can put it exactly where you want! All you need to do is connect the table stand to a 230 V plug socket and insert the appropriate key (MX200) into the corresponding slot on the heating appliance - and now the Logamatic TC100 can control your heating. The key ensures reliable wireless communication between the controller and the heater.