What is awaiting for you

New release 3.0

  • Room Control with ETRVs
  • Home Presence Detection update for IOS
  • Humidity explanation

Previous release 2.8

  • What’s new release notifications
  • Smart Radiator Thermostats Calibration
  • QR Code Integration in Logamatic TC100

New release 3.0

Take a look at the newest features we have to offer you!

Room Control with ETRVs

We have heard and value your feedback and very soon your thermostat will no longer automatically switch to Weather Dependent Control when you’re using Smart Radiator Thermostats. With a new and improved Room Control option, you will be able to reduce your energy usage and enjoy increased comfort as your radiator heats up faster.

Increased reliability of Home Presence Detection for IOS

We have improved the Home Presence Detection feature to make it more reliable.

Humidity explanation

We would like to ensure that our users have a better understanding of our app. Therefore, when you touch the humidity icon, you will now get an explanation about the humidity level of your house. This will give you better understanding on whether your home has a good or bad humidity level and suggest the necessary actions.

Previous release 2.8

What’s new release notifications

We are excited share with you the most recent update we’ve made to the Logamatic TC100. You will now be informed immediately when a new feature is available to you. Never miss an update again!

As soon as a new feature has been released, a green dot will appear on the Menu icon and on the left hand side of the app home page. ‘New features’ will appear in green as well.

Smart Radiator Thermostats Calibration

If your radiator is mounted in a cramped place and often measures temperatures that are too high, this new feature is essential for you. We would like to optimize your control by calibrating your Smart Radiator Thermostats, so you can adjust the measured temperature to make sure your heating doesn’t stop and leave you feeling cold. Simply go to your settings, select ‘Devices’, select ‘Radiator Thermostat’ and select the ‘Temperature Calibration’ of your choice.

QR Code Integration in Logamatic TC100

To connect the Logamatic TC100 app (iOS / Android) with the Logamatic TC100 thermostat a simple solution is implemented.

During commissioning an install wizard in the app guides you through some steps. When the unique Logamatic TC100 credentials are requested to fill in, a QR-code appears on the Logamatic TC100 HMI.

Just scan the QR-code and the connection is made! Smart and Easy!